Portable Point of Sale (POS) Devices

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After (unsuccessfully) trying to obtain a portable POS device to develop with, we decided not to further pursue the use of POS devices.  Unless you are using a credit card (which our consumers will not), there is not value outside that which can be provided by a printer & cell phone.

Instead we’ll just be printing & selling scratch cards.

(POS device example image above, scratch card example images below)

Micro-Grid Meeting

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Researchers from Columbia University (CU), University of California at Berkley (UCB), and several other industry representatives and individuals met for two days to discuss and plan micro-grids and enabling technologies & economic models.  It was decided that UCB would lead the effort on designing a custom meter while Columbia would begin field planning & implementation, payment gateway design, and deployment of a meter with off-the-shelf components.

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